Constitutionally Limited Government
I believe government has a specifically designed role, with parameters given by both our federal and state constitutions. Every action taken by government needs to be examined to ensure it stays within those boundaries. My record reflects this principle, both standing up to federal government overreach while voting consistently on the side of keeping the size of our state government in check.

One core area defined by the Kansas Constitution is education. For personal growth and community well-being, our children require quality core education. Doing so requires adequate and fair funding, but it also demands innovation and a child-focused mindset, where we are open to new ideas that enhance the learning experience and provide options for parents. We also must work to develop a long-term solution to our state's funding formula that is fair to Johnson County schools while also ensuring every dollar is spent wisely. Furthermore, parents should have the choice to education in the method which best suits their child whether it be private, public, or home school.

Fiscal Responsibility
In order to be more responsible with the people’s money, we need to limit government growth, examine all programs for necessity and effectiveness, and maintain a transparent budgeting process. I will continue to be a watchful eye to ensure our priorities are sound and your tax dollars are spent wisely.

It's important to create a fair tax structure that funds government's core functions while not providing a substantial burden to families or small businesses. Prior to 2010, Kansas has a tax structure that was uncompetitive with our neighbors, hurt families, and stifled economc growth.

While good people can and do disagree on specific exemptions, raising the rates on individuals and small businesses would burden those already struggling with increased cost of living expenses such as healthcare and utilities. Income tax rates and sales tax rates need to be balanced, so as not to create a hardship for our seniors on fixed incomes.

I have support lowering the sales tax burden, and voted against raising the sales tax rate in 2013. I will continue to look at ways to reduce the sales tax rate and remove exemptions that amount to government picking between winners and losers. This doesn't just mean loopholes, it also means not allowing so-called incentives that amount to corporate welfare and increase the tax rates for everyone else.

Human life is infinitely precious and should be protected at all stages from conception to natural death. I am proud to have a pro-life voting record.

2nd Amendment
This Amendment guarantees the right to keep and bear arms. Throughout my two terms in Topeka, I have had a consistent record standing up for 2nd Amendment rights.

Liberty & Privacy Rights
A principle I hold dear and consistently vote for is the right to privacy -- I believe strongly in protecting your liberty. Whether it be upholding your 4th Amendment right against illegal search and seizure of your electronic communication or voting against well-intentioned measures which I felt entrenched too much on your individual rights, I have consistently kept liberty at the forefront of my mind while serving you in Topeka. I will continue to do so in the future.

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